Who, me?

Christian Andreo began his writing career at Berklee College of Music after winning a position in the prestigious Singer/Songwriter Showcase. Notebooks filled with lyrics soon merged with his predilection for science fiction and fantasy novels, taking the shape of emotionally driven stories, often fraught with fluid moralities to complement a lyricist’s perspective. Born in western Pennsylvania, educated in Boston, and relocated to North Texas as a young professional, his urban fantasy and science fiction typically contain cultural and scenic references to both stomping grounds. 


As the director of a creative media group, he spent over a decade honing his static and motion graphics skills, preparing him to produce illustrations, covers, and other medias to augment his stories. Later, after earning a second degree in electrical engineering, the underpinnings of his science fiction and fantasy worlds took on the rigor of symmetries, thermodynamic constraints, and cosmological existentialism. 


He still lives in North Texas, though with the weather lately, he and his family have been pining for the north east. Or Sweden. He survives on caffeine, the occasional yoga session, and bread. And he reads mostly on his phone, which his doctor has said is very hard on his eyes. You can find his body of work at www.christianandreo.com. Or enjoy his stupid captions on Instagram @csoundwright.