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Akane has accepted she is nothing. Until she happens upon a dying demigod in the forest, and for once, perhaps for the first time, she chooses herself.

Over twelve hundred years later, Akane is oath-bound to protect the most powerful mortal in history, the witchlord Ethan Mettles. All is not well in the House of Mettles nor with any of the remaining witchlords. Hunted by the Church and exterminated as a threat to God and humanity, these crumbling pillars of magic cling furiously to their remaining power and to their fragile allegiances. The Mettles family stands at the center of it all.

Now, the Balance is poised to shift once more with the birth of Ethan's daughter, a prize more valuable than any amount of power, and a birth that will weaken Akane considerably. With the Houses upon the razor's edge of war, Akane must discover who has infiltrated the family, who can be trusted, and how to protect the child before she no longer can.

Will Akane uncover the plot to bring down House Mettles? Or will she have to sacrifice everything and rewrite her fate once more?

Seek Magic.

Spells bound to your apps. Hexes in your texts. Magic for the information age. And all for what? A love that doesn't remember you exist?

But love is the least of your problems. Now that the Nexus is among us, a plot older than the universe accelerates. Without question, it is the beginning of the end. But what happens after the end depends on four unlike heroes... or are they villains?

Fans of Erin Morganstern, Cassandra Clare, and Richelle Mead will talk about this series for years to come. (Well... if not years, at least a few minutes, probably).

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Who needs friends when you have frenemies?

Read about the next generation of hacker witches, the Nexus, and the war to control it all.

You can't run from yourself.

Follow four witches and a psychic as they hunt a new power source... one that is not for the shielded heart.

Part human.

Part demigod.

All badass.

Learn the origins of the Nexus universe's most 

enigmatic astral warrior.

The residents of the old Victorian are killing themselves. Or are they?

A soft introduction to the Nexus universe... with a few ghosts thrown in.

Listen to the song that inspired the book, Christian Andreo's Song for a Soulmate

Image by Peinge Nakale

Follow Ulrich and his demon guitar on a doomed quest for vengeance in this mature, grimdark novella.

Are you metal enough?

As he quests for lost love, she can't stop reading about him.


Try this steampunk and contemporary YA genre-bender.

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