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Do you like talking about NEW books?

Do you like to be the FIRST to talk about new books?

Do you like to be the first to talk LOUDLY about new books?


What is a launch team?

A launch team helps a new book reach the people that are going to LOVE IT during the most critical period of a newborn book's life: the first two weeks.

How does that happen?

Through the passion of readers like you!

What would i do?

  • Meet with the team daily the week before and after launch
    We'll meet outside of Facebook to keep their data-hounds away

  • Pre-order the book and leave a review (Book 1 is free, Book 2 is $0.99 on pre-order)
    Reviews after purchase are considered "verified" and critical to a book's credibility

  • Promote the book in social platforms and circles that you are most familiar with
    We'll provide content, you post it and talk about it

  • Hang out and crush it with the coolest people you've ever met
    Since you're cool, you probably already know Christian Andreo readers are THE coolest of all readers

Be Exclusive!

Launch team members enjoy:

Exclusive give-away entry to become a supporting caricature in the Illicit Ink series

Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the campaign

Exclusive Q/A event with the author about the story, the characters, and the Illicit Ink universe

access content and extras

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